• Digestive Enzymes | DigeSEB-GI
    Formulated for complete digestion.
  • Milk & Cheese Digestion | Lacto-Relief
  • Gluten & Casein Digestion | Gluten Relief
  • Circulatory & Inflammation | Serracor-NK
  • Total Body Therapy | Exclzyme
  • Joint & Inflammation | Exclzyme-2AF
  • Serrapeptase (80,000 SU) | Peptizyme-SP
  • Immune Support | Vida-Defense
    Strengthen a healthy immune system.
  • Candida Yeast Cleanse | Floracor-GI
    A natural detox blend with probiotics.

The Leader in Systemic Enzyme Therapy

AST Enzymes for Digestive, Immune and Joint Health

AST Enzymes for digestive, immune and joint health

AST Enzymes offers healthcare professionals and consumers a natural, safe and highly effective therapeutic alternative for preventative care and health.

AST Enzymes is a true enzyme manufacturer: one that formulates and creates enzyme supplements, not simply encapsulates and bottles them.

We have more than 50 years of enzyme experience, and a master formulator who created many of the original systemic enzyme formulas on the market today. In addition, we test our products at our in-house laboratory for the highest purity, quality and efficacy.

  • True manufacturer
  • Master enzymologist & formulator
  • In-house laboratory testing

Enzyme News

Shopping for a systemic enzyme blend can be confusing: different brands appear to have similar ingredients, yet there is no easy way to measure their activity or effectiveness. Companies look to distinguish themselves in different ways, including...
Lacto-Relief is a powerful lactase enzyme formula designed to support the digestion of milk and dairy foods. Over 30 million Americans are lactose intolerant and deal with discomfort caused by the incomplete break down of lactose sugars, found in...
Before its official establishment in 1976, fibromyalgia was most commonly known by the name fibrositis, where "itis" implied an inflammatory component. Despite the understanding of the contribution of inflammatory pathways to pain,...

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  • Circulation & Inflammation | Serracor-NK
  • Total Body Therapy | Exclzyme
  • Joint & Inflammation | Exclzyme-2AF
  • Serrapeptase (80,000 SU) | Peptizyme-SP

Enzyme Blog

  • Socio-economic Status and Inflammation: Is There a Link?
    An interesting area of study involves the association between various socio-economic groups and health disparities. These associations have existed for centuries, with evidence pointing to socio-economic and an increased risk for illness—even chronic diseases. Although the evidence clearly highlights this … Continue reading
  • Systemic Enzymes: How are They Absorbed?
    One of the most common questions that systemic enzyme users ask is how they are absorbed. When systemic enzyme therapy first became available to the public, many scientists believed that the human intestinal tract was unable to absorb large molecules … Continue reading
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