• Digestive Enzymes | DigeSEB-GI
    Formulated for complete digestion.
  • Milk & Cheese Digestion | Lacto-Relief
  • Gluten & Casein Digestion | Gluten Relief
  • Circulatory & Inflammation | Serracor-NK
  • Total Body Therapy | Exclzyme
  • Joint & Inflammation | Exclzyme-2AF
  • Serrapeptase (80,000 SU) | Peptizyme-SP
  • Immune Support | Vida-Defense
    Strengthen a healthy immune system.
  • Candida Yeast Cleanse | Floracor-GI
    A natural detox blend with probiotics.

The Leader in Systemic Enzyme Therapy

AST Enzymes for Digestive, Immune and Joint Health

AST Enzymes for digestive, immune and joint health

AST Enzymes offers healthcare professionals and consumers a natural, safe and highly effective therapeutic alternative for preventative care and health.

AST Enzymes is a true enzyme manufacturer: one that formulates and creates enzyme supplements, not simply encapsulates and bottles them.

We have more than 50 years of enzyme experience, and a master formulator who created many of the original systemic enzyme formulas on the market today. In addition, we test our products at our in-house laboratory for the highest purity, quality and efficacy.

  • True manufacturer
  • Master enzymologist & formulator
  • In-house laboratory testing

Enzyme News

Because fibromyalgia is a fairly new disease, of which the mechanisms remain elusive, on-going research continues to uncover possible theories regarding its underlying bases. Up until the latest batch of studies, researchers and doctors believed...
Shopping for a systemic enzyme blend can be confusing: different brands appear to have similar ingredients, yet there is no easy way to measure their activity or effectiveness. Companies look to distinguish themselves in different ways, including...
Lacto-Relief is a powerful lactase enzyme formula designed to support the digestion of milk and dairy foods. Over 30 million Americans are lactose intolerant and deal with discomfort caused by the incomplete break down of lactose sugars, found in...

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  • Circulation & Inflammation | Serracor-NK
  • Total Body Therapy | Exclzyme
  • Joint & Inflammation | Exclzyme-2AF
  • Serrapeptase (80,000 SU) | Peptizyme-SP

Enzyme Blog

  • Medicinal Oil Helps Reduce Epileptic Seizures
    For those with a condition known as Glut1 deficiency (G1D), symptoms like seizures, movement disorders, and developmental delays are experienced often. The disorder is caused by a genetic disorder that affects brain metabolism. G1D causes glucose deficiency in the brain, … Continue reading
  • Pros and Cons of Enzyme Supplementation
    Pros They’re all natural             When enzymes are derived from plant-based sources, they are considered all natural supplements. As all natural supplements, enzymes are free of side effects, drug-drug or drug-nutrient interactions. This means a consumer can add either digestive … Continue reading
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