Vitalzym vs Exclzyme Compare Brands

With competing systemic enzyme products on the market like Exclzyme and Vitalzym, choosing one that is right for you can be a difficult decision. Being informed about the product’s source has become equally as important as understanding how it works.

AST Enzymes is a true enzyme manufacturer: one that formulates and creates enzyme supplements, not simply encapsulates and bottles them.

At AST Enzymes, we understand that attention to detail is important for making powerful and effective enzyme blends. Caution must be taken when formulating with various ingredients to ensure that blends preserve enzyme activity – that’s where the knowledge of an experienced enzyme company is crucial. Considering the vast array of enzymes that exist and their infinite combinations, including with other ingredients, it takes an expert to know which enzymes work together for the best result. What’s more, we are always looking to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products with the greatest bioavailability.

Here are some distinguishing features that set AST Enzyme products above the rest.

Enteric coated Serrapeptase

Certain websites and distributors seem to go back and forth about whether enzymes require a pH resistant coating (known as an enteric coating) to be effective systemically. The fact is that all enzymes have a pH range. At the extremes of this range, whether acid or alkaline, systemic enzymes will denature (become irreversibly inactive). While it is true that most fungal and plant source systemic enzymes exhibit a fairly broad pH range, some bacterial sourced systemic enzymes are less tolerant of low pH. Because we are the actual manufacturer of our enzymes, we test them for both pH and temperature stability. Based on the results of these kinetic studies, we have repeatedly demonstrated that serrapeptase is much less tolerant of a low pH and will begin to lose activity in acidic conditions consistent with the stomach. Therefore, for maximum effectiveness, serrapeptase is best when enteric coated.

Guaranteed Quality Enzyme Manufacturing

On February 21, 2011, Takeda Pharmaceutical, the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, announced a recall on all Dasen® or Danzen serrapeptase drugs.

Takeda reports that, since the release of previous efficacy studies in 1995, recent double-blind studies on their serrapeptase products have failed to show a statistically significant reduction in inflammation. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan requested that additional studies be conducted demonstrating the use of serrapeptase in current clinical treatment practices and the efficacy of the product.

While Takeda believes their serrapeptase product works, they have decided not to conduct the additional clinical trials required for its continued marketing and recall the product.

The recall of these Japanese enzymes does not affect the production or sale of AST Enzyme products and does not reflect upon the activity of our serrapeptase.

AST Enzymes is a member of SEB Group, a vertically integrated group of companies manufacturing nutraceutical and industrial enzymes. Our raw materials, including serrapeptase, are manufactured in India, the birthplace of our company and center of the enzyme industry. In fact, SEB Group is the largest manufacturer of serrapeptase worldwide.

SEB Group includes 5 large-scale manufacturing facilities, all with in-house laboratories and testing facilities that work to guarantee the same level of activity in every batch of enzymes produced. Our state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facilities utilize the most advanced, surface and submerged fermentation technologies available.

Exclzyme vs Vitalzym Brand Comparison

Brand Enteric Coated Serrapeptase Serrapeptase Manufacturing Source Price
Original Vitalzym (2000-2009) Yes India $114.00
"Original" Vitalzym (Current) No Japan $114.00
Vitalzym 360 Liquid Capsules (Current) Yes Japan $149.99
Original Exclzyme Yes India $99.95











AST Enzymes has a great research staff that continues to develop new products benefiting ultimately the consumer. Utilizing more than 50 years manufacturing experience, AST Enzymes provides quality and innovation in enzyme products for health care professionals and consumers alike.

We agree that an informed choice is the best choice. Buy Exclzyme today.